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 Scorpion Glossary

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PostSubject: Scorpion Glossary   Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:00 pm

i hope the moderators will make this a sticky note and add some more infos for the newbies.

Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea

Aculeus: stinger

Book lung: respiratory structure, located on ventral (bottom) side

Carapace: armored plate the covers the head

Chelae: claws

Chelicerae: mouth parts

Exoskeleton: hard outter covering that provides the supporting structure of an arthropod's body

Lateral Eyes: eyes found on the front of the carapace (head)

Medial Eyes: a pair of eyes found on the top of the carapace (head)

Mesosoma: main body (back/dorsal side)

Metasoma: tail

Pectines: "V" shaped, comb-like appendage on the ventral side with sensory functions

Setae: vibration sensing hairs

Tarsus: movable finger (bottom part) of the chela (claw) & the 7th leg segment

Telson: appendage at the end of the tail, containing the venom glands

Tergites: seven armored plates covering the back

Tibia: fixed finger (top part) of the chela (claw) & the 5th leg segment

Gravid: pregnant

Hide: any structure used to provide shelter or cover (e.g. bark, a rock, etc.)

Instar: period between molts (scorpions are 1st instar at birth, and their instar increases each time they molt.)

Mesic: inhabits a humid habitat

Parthenogenesis: the ability to produce young without the eggs being fertilized by a male

Vertical Hide: any structure, such as, a piece of bark that is used to provide shelter or cover and is at a vertical angle (e.g. 30°-80° angle)

Xeric: inhabits an arid habitat
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PostSubject: Re: Scorpion Glossary   Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:48 pm

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nakita ko lang po sa net hope this helps
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Scorpion Glossary
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