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 Emperor Scorpion Disease

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PostSubject: Emperor Scorpion Disease   Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:37 am

Disease: cancer or ovarian fibroids

It's a genetic problem involving one generation to the most female sex scorpions causing death. It takes place after the fifth molt (from 15 cm. Pelipalpos to the tail). The disease begins with a small bump on the back or tail of the scorpion. The development of this varies between the first 2 months of moulting up to 3 years after the same.


It consists of 3 stages: the first is primary and is the formation of the ball, the second or middle when the ball is growing and exceeds the millimeter, the third or final when the ball has passed to the external opening and it shows a large mass as if she has put half of a marble in place or less. At this stage the scorpion does not move much, stops walking and eating and cannot lift her tail. Tremors in her limbs show that she is suffering cardiac arrest and will shortly die.

Source: snakemuseum.com
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Emperor Scorpion Disease
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