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 Species With High Requirements

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PostSubject: Species With High Requirements    Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:39 pm

I Would like to Start This Topic Because of my Alaming Messages About This Species. Pamphobeteus, Theraposa, Xenesthis, Avicularia, Ephebopus There is quite some alarming Hobbyist That always ask me about This Rare And Beautiful Species That There Are Very Sensitive and Die Without no Reasons. So People Please Read this Thread Carefully Before You Purchase Species of this Genus.

1. This is Genus are Not for Beginners. Even I Don't Recommend it for First Time Buyers or Even Intermediate Hobbyist. You Need Experience in Keeping This Genus.

2. All of The Genus That Are Mentioned are Not Likely to Survive Our Tropical Environment here in The Philippines. They Have One Common Factor They Are All Rain forest Species. Which Requires Proper Amount of Humidity And Temperature to Survive. Which Is Provided By You The Owner.

3. I Would Like to Emphasize In General About Terrarium Set up Or Habitat Especially This Genus Mentioned Above. That it is a MUST! To Give Them The Proper Habitat Required For Survival Of Each Specie. Failure To Provide Proper Habitat Will Have Unpleasant Results. This Goes To All Genus.

4. Proper Research is a Big Factor Before Acquiring This Genus. Humidity, Temperature, Habitat and Feeding. These are All Factors for Survival. You Must Able to Provide All Accessories Like Thermometer, Hygrometer, Proper Live Plant, Hide, Water Source, Substrate, Ventilation And Terrarium Size.

5. Some Messages i get is in Summer time Which is Extreme Temperature Rises in The Philippines. Raising Them From Spiderling is Not A Problem. Until Around 3" Which is The Stage They Would Require Proper Humidity And Moisture. Cases Of Bad Molt And Death Of Unknown Syndrome Comes Into This Stages. In My Opinion Its Our Fault Owners Should Have
Accessories to Check Properly For Temperature Change. Inside And Outside The Terrarium. Enough Moisture Of The Substrate is Also a Must Specially in Summer Time. Failure To Provide This Factors Would Have Unpleasant Results.

Please Post Your Experience And Questions For This Genus. I Hope To Guide you And Our Fellow Experience Keepers Could Give You Proper Advice in Raising Them In Captivity.

This Genus Are One Of The Most Colorful And Largest In The Sub Family of Theraposidae. They Are True Bird Eaters.

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PostSubject: Re: Species With High Requirements    Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:29 pm

nice one Sir Mike.. great reminders for all hobbyist..
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PostSubject: Re: Species With High Requirements    Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:59 pm

up of lang ni thread ni sir mike

im ivo and most of my ts are avicularias so far no SDS( sudden death sydrome occured) i handled around 15 Ts (sling, juvenile, sub)( versi, brau, purpurea, metallica, velutina)

i already made a thread regarding proper and improvise enclosures for avic species, you may use the idea or even follow the step in my guide. some people who already have acrylic enclosures may apply the standard method to retain the humidity and temp level of the enclo.

You dont have to be rich in order to sustain the high requirement needs of Avicularia Sp. I hope my thread can help you guys regarding avics. i always hear a lot of avic deaths from my fellow hobbyist

i already updated my thread regarding the things that may also help and add additional chance of survival, everything is researched and experimented.

thanks and more power to pep
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PostSubject: Re: Species With High Requirements    

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Species With High Requirements
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