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 question on woodlice and Observation on Molds and Mites

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PostSubject: question on woodlice and Observation on Molds and Mites   Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:46 am

na observe ko lng po
regarding Molds and Mites sa left over foods
I observed that certain left over feeders only induce either mold or mites in your pets enclosure,.. nakuha ko to sa pag observe ng enclosure ng scorp at Ts ko,..
Bago pa ko mag ka Ts, cricket minsan superworm pinapakain ko s scorp ko,.. for the fact the they're readily available s cartimar,.. and the only problem i had was "Mites" one dead or a left over part of a cricket/superworm will produce several mites agad,.. though the tank had high humidity (may condensation n nga ung glass sa sides eh) never once did molds appear,..

(on a side note the mites never bothered my scorpions, even though she gave birth and bumaba na ung sling s likod nya hindi nman nila pinatay ung mga slings,.. kahit na outnumbered nila ung slings ng 100 is to 1 na infest ksi ng mites eh nasobrahan)

But when i had Ts i bought a colony of lats (mas healthy daw to ipakain s scorp kesa cricket eh) after i cleaned the tank of my scorp. i gave her lats instead,.. kitang kita naman sa left over ng lats na they will produce molds,.. sa Ts enclosure kahit leg lng ng lats will produce molds,.. but lats leftovers haven't produced mites in my tank yet,.. actually i haven't seen a mite after i changed to lats as a feeder,..

My observation is:
Cricket and superworms = Mites
B.Lateralis = Molds

in my opinion these are a possibility although not proven:
1. Lateralis has more water and bacteria on its body that can introduce and give molds good conditions to start
2. Dead cricket = mites. Mites eat molds?
(these are just guesses Smile hehe)

agains guys these are just my personal observations,.. Smile share nyo din po experience nyo regarding this baka mali ako Smile and specially what happens to leftover feeders na wala sa list ko.

now ask ko lang about s Woodlice, the janitor fish of molds,..
1. nabibili po b to? nacucultivate? or nahahanap lng?
2. San po ba sila nahahanap dito s pilipinas? Smile

salamat s mga sasagot ng tanung,..
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question on woodlice and Observation on Molds and Mites
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